Make 10k [every dang month] Client Application
Make 10k is an invitation-only program reserved for an elite group of tenacious women ready to invest the time and money to finally make $10k/month in their online, service-based businesses. 

The program has a few requirements:

    1. You're a woman (sorry guys -- this one's for the ladies!).
    2. You have a published website.
    3. You're making $3-$7k/month in an existing online, service-based business (not an offline business that you want to take online).
    4. You're ready to kick ass and build your business to $10k/month and beyond!

Do you meet these requirements?

How long have you been in business?
Tell me about what you do and who you work with.
Describe your current business challenges.
What is your #1 goal in joining this program? What do you hope this program will help you achieve?
Acceptance into Make $10k is extremely competitive. Please tell me why you should receive one of the limited spots in the upcoming program.
Is there anything else you'd like me to know?